How engaged are your service lane employees?

Engaged employees reduce your turnover and costs

According to a recent Gallup report, 85% of employees are not engaged at work—a fact that’s contributing to a 40% annual employee turnover rate at dealerships. These two troubling trends are converging in the retail automotive industry with potentially drastic consequences for customer experience and dealership profits.

You can empower your service lane employees and boost their engagement with the latest technology, and familiar mobile and tablet devices that utilize our Engage and Inspect products.

  • Centralized access to service and recommendation history
  • Instant access to new service recommendations
  • Text message status updates and integrated online approvals
  • Quick communication through an internal dealership chat

When you offer efficient and easy-to-use solutions, you’re sure to have employees that take pride in their job. Those employees will be dedicated to the success of your dealership.

Ready to engage?

Tablet Reception


Menu Presentation

Tire Selling



Engage provides a superior service lane experience, leading to more upsells.

8.5% increase in retention

$112 lift per repair order

14 additional ROs generated per month

Inspection Dashboard

Dealership Chat

Multipoint Inspection

Mobile Media Capture

Inspection Estimates

Online Approvals

Inspect is the industry’s best digital inspection and service selling solution, helping dealerships maximize shop efficiency by achieving a $110 boost per repair order.

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